This crazy quilt has been in our family for several generations. It is no longer in good condition. Many of the fabrics are quite threadbare, especially the ones with a satin-like sheen. As with most quilts, there is no documentation as far as its history. On close inspection it looks as if the embroidery was completed my different people and we have no way of knowing who they were. As you can see in the second photo the date of 1891 was embroidered on a patch. I cannot be sure if this is the date of completion or if there is another significance to that year. There is also a series of letters which seem to make no sense. GRIF are the first four letters of the family name, Griffith, but there is no indication if that was the intention of the lettering or what the other letters mean. Despite the fact that we have no real clues as to its history, it is nice just to have a piece of family nostalgia.

This is also a family heirloom quilt. Again, there is no documentation and we assume that my great grandmother made this quilt. There is really no reason to assume this other than it has been in the family. My grandmother did not quilt and the pattern and fabrics makes me think it was at least started in the 1930's which would easily be in my great grandmother's lifetime. My house was built for my great grandfather in the 1930's so I have a certain affection for the 1930's patterns and fabrics. This quilt fits right in.

This quilt is a cathedral window pattern. My grandmother, Dorothy Weber, started this quilt and never got to finish it. She was making one for each of the grandchildren. This one was intended for an older cousin, but since the last fabric that she added was from a shirt that belonged to my sister, it was given to her. My sister, Tina (Weber) Bressler then gave it to me when I began quilting. It is incomplete and I will need to finish it before we can really enjoy it.

I found this quilt in an antiques shop in Cuba, NY. We stopped at the antique shop on our way home from a weekend away. I originally left without the quilt but my husband knew that I really wanted it so he turned around and took me back. I have no history on the quilt at all. It is in decent shape but shows heavy wear at the binding and a few stains. I really love this pattern and would like to replicate it someday with 1930's prints.